Our Services

We provide our clients custom digital video solutions and motion graphics for internal and external marketing collateral and education training. We are a client-focused company and strive for 100% satisfaction. 

Who we are.

Pixel Perfect Pros is a boutique creative studio located in Plainfield, Illinois. We create content to support concepts and promote materials that will fit seamlessly into various digital platforms. From concept to delivery, we take pride in developing high-quality programs in a timely manner and within budget. Whether collaborating with large teams or managing the project independently, we are committed to a comfortable production experience.

Work with an artist.

We create custom video and motion graphic solutions that are aligned with your business plan and identity. We aim to make the production experience comfortable by placing our client’s needs first. We deliver high-quality, customized programs that parallel large studios. While some companies work from templates, we offer a unique and personalized solution that will help you get noticed. We work to understand your business, and with your objective in mind, offer you compelling video solutions.

Our work.

Some of our services include:

  • Video Production

  • Interviews

  • Animated Logos

  • Motion Graphics

  • Educational Clips

  • Instructional Programs

  • Product Video

  • Executive Messages

  • Whiteboard

  • Green Screen

  • Video Editing

  • Storyline Production

  • Aerial Drone Video 

What we do.

Our services help businesses communicate messages, concepts, and ideas to ensure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves in the market. We develop programs of any size, from short viral videos to full-length storyline programs. We effectively deliver messages and help engage new target audiences to generate leads, ultimately converting viewers into motivated clients.

Some of our friends.

We take pride in creating projects of any size and have proudly worked with small and global businesses; non-profit and charitable organizations; real estate companies; and educational companies. Some of our clients include; McGraw-Hill Education, CompTIA, The Chicago Tribune, American Academy of Pediatrics, Smallcakes of Naperville, Isobel Smiles, Normal Moments, and Bowers Realty, to name a few.

Position your message.
  • Brand Management

  • Solutions Development

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Production Administration

  • Digital Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Resource Management

  • Message Delivery

  • Advertising Campaigns

What Our Clients Say


Cara Labell- McGraw-Hill Education

I have worked with Matthew Odom for several years on several animation projects. He consistently delivers projects on time and within budget. Matthew approaches each project as a creative partner and reliably translates general ideas or even just content into engaging visual concepts. Additionally, he is able to adjust with agility a concept as needed based on editorial or market feedback. I highly recommend Matthew Odom for the production of animation projects.